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At Excel Tours USA, you count on a reliable and capable Travel Agency in San Bernardino, CA. Get to see the wonders around the world and finally have that one-in-a-lifetime experience, on behalf of the most specialized travel consultants and experts. 

Groups, couples and travelers on their own alike have experienced their dream tours and trips around the globe, allowing us at Excel Tours USA to have that privilege. 

Interested in taking that unforgettable trip to unknowing and exotic lands? With us you rely on a travel agency of choice, with custom solutions and a wide set of services designed to meet our customers´ expectations and specific requirements, always at ideal budget. 

Have a partner of trust San Bernardino, CA. and enjoy your next vacation trip, romantic getaway, family journey and more. We will take care of everything. 

Get to see the wonders of the world

Travel the world and see amazing places, cities and people and cultures in general as experience to never forget. Desiring to know those popular destinations worldwide? We have incredible and one-of-a-kind journey´s ends. 

From Las Vegas and New York to Cancun and Machu Picchu, including amazing destinations in Europe like Venice and Rome, our consultants will get you there with comfort and ease. 

Whether you are thinking about experiencing a tour in America and Europe, our consultants will help planning it. Including from transportation and accommodation services to amenities and ticketing. You will not have anything to worry about.  

The Most Popular Destinations

We have the most popular destinations for you, from New York, Las Vegas, Disney, Rome, Venice, Paris, Machu Picchu, Cancun and Mexico City among many. Our forte is the planning of tours to Mexico and Europe with all the services and amenities included for a unique and unforgettable vacation.

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No matter where you want to go, we will take you there!

At Excel Tours USA, we are a Travel Agency San Bernardino, CA. that focus on offering reliable, good quality and comprehensive trip planning and assistance services. On expert consultants´ behalf, you can have your next vacation or romantic trip carefully planned. 

With amazing and extensive connections, we are able of guaranteeing the best ground and air transportation through airlines and cruise lines. Also, accommodation, ticketing amenities and outstanding destination itinerary are included, so our clients can enjoy a full experience. 


Obtain personalized attention from professional consultants, who are aware of our customers´ unique requirements and preference in terms of destination, services and attractions. 

Easily choose a place to visit from our available list and do not worry about anything else. Thanks to our updated information on every destination, we can help you design an itinerary that will make you see every wonder, regardless of the trip purpose. 

Planning a romantic trip, a school vacation, a  journey or that family travel experience? We can help you with such goal by getting you and your loved ones there where you want to be!

Get full assistance and servicing in general for that perfect travel experience

In order to give the ideal and unforgettable travel experience, we offer full assistance on every aspect. This involves three main aspects; personalized and customizable travel feature in every planning point, permanent communication and valuable tourist industry connections. 

As result, customers´ requirements and preferences can be guaranteed in terms of destination and general experiences, such as transportation, itinerary, accommodation selection and activities to be performed. 

In the same way, solving inconveniences and issues though proper service is critical for us, as the only way of guaranteeing a perfect travel experience that offers complete satisfaction for our customers.

Custom travel planning solutions for your next trip

At Excel Tours USA, planning a perfect trip is our ultimate goal by acknowledging that each one of our customers have different preferences, tastes, needs and expectations. 

Therefore, we offer customizable solutions and flexible travel planning for you and guarantee an incredible experience. 

We do it by studying and improving a previous travel plan and fitting it in terms of your personal preferences and interests. Like this, from activities and amenities to accommodation, destinations and itinerary, each aspect can be custom and fitting to budget. 

For instance, are you thinking about going to Cancun and have some ideas regarding beaches to visit and hotels to consider for staying? We can recommend you the best activities in the city, as well as incredible places to see and the best routes and related services. 

Get in touch with Excel Tours USA today 

Know the world and its incredible places by hiring a capable and experienced travel agency. Excel Tours USA is the perfect business for you in San Bernardino, CA. regarding planning and carrying out that trip of a lifetime. 

Take advantage of custom solutions for traveling and have an experience that suits your needs, style, preference and budget and visit ideal places while enjoying perfect amenities, transportation and accommodation, all of this on behalf of a well-connected travel agency as Excel Tours USA. 

Pick an incredible tour to take and travel the world with easy-to-choose packages 

Visit that incredible tourist place you desire by taking advantage of our tours and traveling packages, fitting perfectly with the intention of your trip. 

Traveling with the intention of living that unforgettable romantic getaway with your partner? The Romantic Tour is perfect for such purpose, offering amazing destinations and activities for couples. From honeymoons to getaways and anniversaries, celebrate love in magic places like Paris with our help.

Now, taking those family vacations as the perfect idea for a trip is quite usual. Travel with your loved ones with the Family Tour and know the world, as we take care of every detail and making you live bonding experiences for toddlers, young adults and elders. 

For adventurers, we offer the Adventure Tour that will take you to the most exotic and incredible lands, with plenty of activities to enjoy outdoors and enjoy a trip with a more active approach. Forget about staying in a hotel room and live that safari right here in the United States. 

If you are thinking about something different, we can help you anyway. Get to know the world over sea waters and city canals with our cruises. 

Travel in corporate groups and bond with your colleagues and employees with our Group Tours packages, or go on a Traditional Festival Trip and live people´s and countries´ cultures from the inside.

The world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page.

– San Agustín

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These are your vacations, your adventures and your experiences! We know it at Excel Tours McAllen and, because that, we set all the world’s destinations at your fingertips!

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