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Traditional festival trips

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Looking and experiencing countries´ identity, history and overall culture right on-spot is best by going on a traditional festival trip. With Excel Tours USA´s assistance and trained consultants, you can live the journey of your lifetime and see and feel worldwide wonders for yourself. 

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience full of color, music and tradition by attending the most known and relevant festivals around the world. A few things are as ideal as a traditional ceremony when it comes to taking that dream of a trip, by going in group, as a couple or alone. 

Travel to the very heart and soul of a country and its people and experience culture in every way. Excel Tours USA will help you do it by taking care of every detail. 


Surprise your loved one with a trip of a lifetime and experience the most incredible places in many different countries.

Have and unforgettable trip and connect with other people´s traditions through festivals

Traditional festival trips

For the majority of people, traveling the world has a very important purpose of getting to know the culture of the destination place. Of course, this involves from history and ancient traditions to food, customs, religion, music and beliefs and more. 

This is probably the biggest value festivals and similar ceremonies have around the world, by offering all of these destinations´ features and characteristics in the same place, at once. Like this, travelers can connect with the countries they visit and have long-lasting memories. 

Eager to attend any of these festivals around the world? Excel Tours USA in McAllen, Texas is the perfect travel planning company that will take to the most recognized fiestas across the world. 

Experience the unique colors, music and dancing people around the world express in their festivals. Through different rituals, celebrations and ceremonies that are simply unique and show from spiritual beliefs to ways of living, festivals offer through culture insight and understanding for comers. 

From the Rio Festival and Mardi Gras Festival in New Orleans, USA to the Bhutan´s Festival in Nepal and the Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) in Mexico, you will be able to enjoy culture rich festivals in America, Asia, Europe and Africa. 

Connect with other people´s cultures and enjoy through traditional festival trips

Throughout the year, the most relevant festivals around the world are taken place in different countries, with diverse times and locations. Because of this, if your intention is to attend any of these celebrations, you are going to need an experienced travel agency. 

With years in business, Excel Tours USA will help you put together a completely custom travel plan, having as result the best traditional festival trip to take. Our agency and trained consultants will help you design the best schedule and itinerary, as one that fits your needs, taste and budget. 

In this way, you will have suitable accommodation, transportation and amenities in general, as well as airlines and assistance overall. 

Whether you are searching for a premium experience with specific schedule to enjoy the best attractions and activities of main interest in the destination, we have you covered. 

Thanks to our connections, our team of consultants can guarantee the best experience in any worldwide festivals, covering every detail so travelers can only enjoy the trip of their lifetime. 

Do you have a specific festival to attend to this year? We will take you there in the exact time and location of the celebration. With us at Excel Tours USA, you and your partner or loved ones can have one incredible journey, by attending traditional festival trips as:

Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) Festival:

Mexico is known by its delicious food, Ranchera music and also the Day of the Dead Festival, which takes place from October 31st to November 2nd.


Come and see Pueblos Mágicos or magic towns, the altars families put to honor their dead relatives and even open a “portal” with ofrendas, so loved ones´ spirit can visit once more. 


All of this with an amazing atmosphere of celebration, color, light and music, also delicious food and storytelling that amaze and baffle visitors from all over the world. 

Mardi Gras:

the Mardi Grass festival is a traditional carnival celebration, carried out in cities like New Orleans, Mobile and even in some cities of Mississippi. 


Also known as “Fat Tuesday” (which is actually how the term translates from French), it is celebrated the day before Lent or starting Easter. In this day, people would eat rich food right before fasting due to the upcoming Holy Week. 

Therefore, the celebration´s origin is religious. This does not mean you will not get to enjoy the colorful parades, celebrations like mask dances and people in purple, green and yellow customs. Such colors stand for justice, faith and power, respectively. 

mardi gras
mardi gras

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