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The ultimate Romantic travel planning service offered by Excel Tours USA

There is nothing like a trip to celebrate love. From that dream honeymoon to a multi-year anniversary, enjoy an unforgettable travel experience with the help of Excel Tours USA, located in McAllen, Texas. 

Explore multiple options regarding different destinations, as a specialized travel agency take care of that love getaway you have been thinking. We make it happen by offering our Romantic travel planning service. 

Surprise your loved one with a trip of a lifetime and experience the most incredible places in many different countries.

Celebrate any romantic occasion where you always wanted to

Thinking about finally going on that romantic trip with your partner? Find assistance with anything you need at Excel Tours USA. 

Thanks to our expertise and trained consultants, we are able to provide a customized experience, meeting your personal preferences in destination, accommodation, transportation and more. 

With us, you do not have to worry about matters of logistics, so you can focus completely on enjoying the amazing trip and all the venues to go to. 

From planning an itinerary that goes with personal taste, preferred activities and budget to provide the best amenities, Excel Tours USA guarantees the ultimate travel experience. 

In more depth, our Romantic travel planning service focuses on four different occasion of love:

Marriage or engagement proposals

The marriage or engagement proposal is the beginning of a new life long journey full of love. As such, it should be a very special occasion and location where to carry out. 

Our expert consultants will help you enjoy an incredible and full-romantic experience for you and your loved one. Only the best destinations for such purpose will be considered, with that amazing view for the most incredible and beautiful photo. 

Would you like to make your proposal at Bow Bridge, Central Park in the city of New York? Or take advantage of the incredible view at the Terrass Hotel rooftop in Paris? The choice is yours.


Has your wedding finally arrived?  Celebrate it with your new partner for life in a dream destination and make it a perfect and unique event. 

Whether you like to have that big wedding with hundreds of guests to a more intimate celebration on the beach, our expert consultants have you covered. 

Our planning service will take care of aspects of transportation and accommodation, as well as hotel selection that meet personal preference and budget. Have a dream wedding at Chac Mool beach in Cancun at sunset view, or a more traditional one at Santa Irina chapel in Santorini.

Honeymoons: Starting the married life with an incredible honeymoon is the norm. Enjoy the best honeymoon planning service available in  Excel Tours USA. 

Since every couple is different, we make sure this experience becomes also unique from the destination, activities and hotel selection standpoints. Start celebrating your new life with your loved as we take care of the details. 

Enjoy an unforgettable honeymoon in Alsace, in North-Eastern France or in the Reinsurance area in Tuscany, Italy as perfect destinations for those art and culture loving couples. 

The world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page.

– San Agustín

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