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There are many countries with impressive beach destinations to enjoy the best combination of sun, sand and sea, and that is why this time we tell you about the best beach destinations in the world that you can visit.

We invite you to know the best beach destinations with Excel Tours USA, and enjoy an unforgettable vacation with your family and friends through large stretches of white sand, clear turquoise waters, tropical palm trees and the refreshing sea breeze.

Whether you are looking for fun or tranquility, we put the beach destination you want at your fingertips.

You can enjoy a true vacation with the best accommodation, the best air ticket offers, and a wide variety of quality services that we offer. You just have to select your destination and we will make it possible for you, we show you some of the best and most impressive beaches in the world that will leave you breathless and wanting to return.

Cannon Beach destinations, United States

If you are living in the United States, you don’t have to go that far to see one of the most charming beaches in the world, it is Cannon Beach, a beautiful beach in the State of Oregon with an approximate length of 16 km, it is popularly known for its rock formations that emerge from its waters and are called Haystack Rock and Needles.

On this beach there are no large hotel chains and that is why it still preserves the essence of small American cities where you can walk quietly by the sea and enjoy the landscape.

Beach Bonita, Dominican Republic

The Caribbean has always been characterized by hosting the most impressive paradisiacal beach destinations in the world. And the Dominican Republic is one of the destinations that will give you the best beach experience. Not only for the beauty of its main attractions such as Playa Bonita. But also for offer excellent quality both in accommodation and in the rest of the services.

At Playa Bonita you can forget about the rest of the world and immerse yourself in refreshing crystal clear waters. Feel the fine white sand between your feet and relax under the sea breeze and palm trees.

Greece Beaches

If we talk about unforgettable beaches, the beaches of Greece bring together each characteristic to make your vacation a truly memorable trip, from Naxos, Paros, Mykonos and the spectacular Santorini. The Greek beaches are majestic, with mixtures of colors, crystal clear waters and the climate ideal. Being a clear example the Island of Milo known as lunar beach and Elafonisi beach in Crete. Unique in the world with its charming pink color that surprises visitors and locals.

Beaches in France

If you are thinking of a vacation in France, why not include a day on some of its beaches, recognized among the best in the world. Palombaggia on the island of Corsica and Calanque de Maubois E the purity of the Mediterranean, a mixture of green and blue waters, clean beaches and above all tranquility.

Beaches in Italy

The Italian coasts also have their charms and a clear example of this is the Isla de Cerdeña. Known as the emerald coast that has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. Such as the famous Cala di Volpe, with its particular blonde sand and reddish stones, a true ecological paradise with hundreds of marine species.

La Cala Macarelleta in Spain

La Cala Macarella and its little sister, Macarelleta both in Menorca, represent the beauty of the beaches of Spain with the essence of the Mediterranean. With white sands, surrounded by pine trees and large rocks offering unforgettable landscapes and sunsets.

Ke’e Beach destinations, Hawaii

When we think of paradisiacal beach destinations with amazing coral reefs and imposing postcard scenery, we automatically think of Hawaii, one of the quintessential beach destinations, Kee Beach destinations, located in the north of the island, being one of the most striking attractions, thanks to its combination of a beach without waves, rocky bottoms and a great variety of marine species.

The Maldives

Another must-see destination and one of the most popular destinations in terms of beach tourism is the Maldives, a true paradise of turquoise waters ideal to visit at any time of year. This set of 1.200 coral islands that extend along 300 km2 they are a true destination full of peace and tranquility.

Tulum beach destinations in Mexico

Another relatively close beach destination if you reside in the United States. Are the Mexican beaches, from Acapulco and Cancun as one of the most popular attractions. To the impressive Mayan ruins of the city of Tulum and its proximity to the Caribbean Barrier Reef. Making it in one of the most beautiful beaches of the Yucatan peninsula.

For all the above, do not wait any longer to contact Excel Tours USA and thus start your next vacation.

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