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Carry out amazing and incredibly bonding Group Tours with Excel Tours USA´s assistance

With no doubt, experiencing a trip is always better when shared with loved ones, family and that significant other. Actually, this is also true when it comes to more official and business related travel, with great bonding advantages.   with Excel Tours USA

At Excel Tours USA, you get assistance and expertise that will allow you and your partners, colleagues and groups in general to enjoy a powerful and connecting experience. 

Start appreciating trips as one-of-a-kind event and valuable events to bring large groups closers, by knowing and seeing new amazing places and destination for the first time. Leave logistics in our hands while you and your group enjoy a tour of a lifetime, addressing many purposes and goals. 

Surprise your loved one with a trip of a lifetime and experience the most incredible places in many different countries.

Enjoy the trip of your life along with your peers, co-workers and team members ( Excel Tours )

Interested in bonding activities as team, company, and business or organization manager? If that is the case, group trips definitely turn out to be a great and ideal option for that purpose, and Excel Tours USA can help you make it happen. 

Take advantage of trained consultants and experts in travel planning, specifically designed for team bonding by living new experiences and getting to know incredible places together. 

This is definitely one of the best ways of increasing organization´ and companies´ productivity, engagement, integration and more. 

To achieve this, our consultants will help you come up with a travel plan that fits your and your organization requirements and budget. In this way, every team member will be able to enjoy incredible amenities, ideal transportation, accommodations, attractions and the best destinations.

Due to our experience, we know exactly how to come up with a travel plan that guarantees the perfect itinerary, designed to cover teams´ and organizations´ concrete preferences. 

Of course, this relates directly to logistics. The good news is, whether you are organizing a business or school retreat, corporate incentive trip or similar, Excel Tours USA has your back in McAllen, Texas. Our connections in the business will make the process and trip seamless. 

Get to know our Group Tours available options and destinations for different teams

Since our Group Tours services and related planning are customizable, we provide itineraries with scheduled activities that fit with teams. 

For us, this is the only way of offering a perfect travel experience, with updated information that enhance the experience, giving chance to pick perfect locations and places. 

Our travel consultants at Excel Tours USA will make sure of coming up with a tour where outstanding logistics – choosing ideal venues for meeting and event spaces – are guaranteed. 

At the same time, added value services are at your disposal for an enhance experience. A network of related business that provide benefits and services with discounts and even free are available, including the improving of vanities, rooms and transportation. 

Some of our Group Tours and associated destinations to choose from, including expert travel consultants that will give you piece of mind in every aspect of logistics, are:

Carry out amazing and incredibly bonding Group Tours with Excel Tours USA´s assistance

Company retreat:

Almost every company in the United States has an annual retreat, where workers, employees, colleagues and ever team member can enjoy going on a trip, all expenses paid. 


This is an amazing opportunity to choose the perfect destination, with the intention of bringing the company team together, bonded by an incredible experience abroad. 


Among many choices, if you are talking about going on a real retreat away from everything, destinations like the Huus Hotel in Gstaad, Switzerland is breathtaking, right in front and behind of the Bernese Alps. Forget about city noise and hustle here. 

School groups, non-profit organizations and more

Excel Tours USA offers trips and planned traveling that is specifically designed for school groups, non-profit organizations, special interest tourists, and benefactors and alike. 

In more depth, these plans considered precise budget and other considerations to provide the best experience, always guaranteeing security and ideal accommodation and amenities. 

Our destinations for this type of tour are more local, but offering the same level of wonders like the others. For example, a domestic resort and local getaway in Texas for a scholar group is the Miraval Austin Resort – an amazing vacation destination – and the Fairmont Dallas, which is perfect for visiting local theaters and museums. 

The world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page.

– San Agustín

Carry out amazing and incredibly bonding Group Tours with Excel Tours USA´s assistance

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