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Amazing Family Travel to Enjoy with Excel Tours USA

There is no celebration or holiday – a graduation, spring break or similar – that does not work as the perfect excuse to take that family trip. Count on Excel Tours USA as your ideal partner regarding family travel planning. 

Let us take you and your loved ones on an incredible and unforgettable experience. With amazing destinations available, specialized consultants, outstanding logistics management and custom planning options, having the trip of a lifetime is just around the corner. We will make it happen.

Planning an incredible family trip to outstanding places

Is that long awaited spring or summer break finally coming? Excel Tours USA can help you plan carry out that family trip you have been thinking about. 

In details, we offer a service plan specifically designed for entire families, where from the younger toddler to the oldest granddad can have a great time.  

Of course, this with according activities and itineraries that go with their age. In this way, every family member is getting the most out of their time abroad, full of adventures and stress-free.

Our travel advisors will come up with incredible family travel options, thanks to expertise and experience. For instance, custom itinerary taking care of personal preferences and budget, dedicated travel logistics, VIP amenities, breakfast and dining options are covered.

As result, you and your family will not have to worry about anything. Since, transportation and accommodation, airline and cruise line, ticketing and everything else is addressed by our consultant at Excel Tours USA. Only our outstanding connections allow us to offer this type of service.

Specific travel services we provide

In details, as specialized travel agency we offer related solutions on behalf of trained consultants. Whatever your trip is about; that dream vacation, romantic getaway or business-centered experience, our advisers will help.

Activities and experiences for your whole family

Give your whole family the experience of their life. At the end of the day, they are the most important thing in the world. Give your loved ones relaxation, joy, adventure and unrivaled experiences. 

Now, we know families are different in number and preferences. As such, we will design a plan that is balanced and includes activities for all the members, in their different age ranges.

Available activities in every destination include options for toddlers, children in school age, teenagers, adults and seniors. Our consultants and experts will make sure of finding things to do for every family member.

¡Wherever you want we take you!

Available destinations that are ideal for families are covered by our current travel offer and related flights. 

Then, whether your desire to take your loved ones to Disney world in Orlando for a magic experience, the Dordogne region in France with amazing landscapes or the Swiss Mountains for an unforgettable adventure, we have you covered. 

Wherever you want to go in America and Europa, Excel Tours USA can take you and family there.

Why should you hire us? Our family travel planning service is inspiration for each member of your family, considering the children´s wish to play and the relaxing moments under the sun seniors prefer. From the amenities to transportation, we design and itinerary that goes perfect with destination. 

Enjoy our benefits that provide value; network and available connection and partners we have allow to offer luxury hotels, delicious food, tours and exclusive activities that cannot be found online. And finally, with us you get peace of mind and only focus on enjoy a valuable time.

The world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page.

– San Agustín

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These are your vacations, your adventures and your experiences! We know it at Excel Tours McAllen and, because that, we set all the world’s destinations at your fingertips!

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