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Sail the most beautiful waters in the world on a Cruise with Excel Tours USA

Interested in sailing the world´s most amazing waters and have the adventure of a lifetime? At Excel Tours USA, you can do it on a “solo” journey or with a partner, friends and family by taking a cruise. 

Allow yourself and loved ones to see the wonders oceans, seas and rivers offer as crystal clear blue and green waters, the most beautiful sunsets and trips full of culture and adventure. 

At Excel Tours USA, you count on experienced professionals in Cruise service planning, taking care of every detail and showing you unforgettable destinations overseas.

Embark on your next trip by cruising the world and become a seasoned sailor Excel Tours USA

LEnjoy the unique experience of getting across the world by sailing on a cruise trip. Get inside high seas water, experience transatlantic journeys, culture-filled river cruises through canals and water waterways.

Or, get on a yacht for a more private sailing and even take advantage of expedition cruising possibilities; for those adventure lovers that want to see the more extreme destination closely. 


in the same way, Excel Tours USA will help you all of this to become a reality, by putting together every details that guarantees having the greatest experience on a cruise. 

In more details, we do it by providing state-of-the-art cruising travel planning services; on behalf of the best consultants and professionals in the field. 

As result, we are able to offer customizable and personalized activities and itineraries that adapt to the sailors´ interest and budget. 

So, the best amenities, updated information on cruise lines and destinations, ticketing, transportation, accommodation; attraction and general assistance are guaranteed. 

Only through constant communication, experience in cruise travel planning and strong connections this sort of quality service can be pulled off. 

Whatever you are thinking for your sailing experience; romantic getaway, family trip or vacations over ocean and sea waters, we can make it happen. Never worry about logistics or any other details, only make sure of enjoying your adventure as we take care of everything.

Plan your perfect journey on a cruise with us and get to see world´s greatest wonders 

Any type of cruise you are thinking embarking on, we have it available with different trips that focus on specific approaches and experiences. 

In case you have something different in mind, our customization possibilities will allow to plan the perfect journey and sail for you and your companion. It is done through dynamic and flexible plans in terms of activities and itinerary, destinations, amenities and services in general. 

Enjoy a unique experience by crossing waters around the world, by picking some of the following available trips and cruises with wide activities and destinations: 

Ocean cruises:

when it comes to sail oceanic waters around the globe, the Ocean Cruise is definitely the way to go. Get across the world and sail waters in luxury ships while covering the Pacific, the Atlantic and Indic oceans and the seas in between. 


Interested in a cruise line that would allow you to enjoy amazing crystal clear blue Caribbean Sea water? Or that one in the Mediterranean Sea? In any case, Excel Tours USA have you covered, whether you are searching for simple or premium journey categories. 

River cruises:

if you are desiring to see amazing cities, towns and villages directly from waterways and canals, the River Cruise is definitely the one you should pick. 

Cross Europe in a cruise that will follow an incredible tour through rivers like the Rhone, the Rhine and Tamesis in France and England, respectively. Also, get to see the Pyramids by sailing through the Nile River in Egypt. Any waterway or river canal you want to see and enjoy, we have it for you.

Expedition cruisers

become an explorer and experience the adventure of your life by sailing on the most exotic and remote places around the globe. 


Get to visit the faraway continent of Antarctica with a proper cruise for such trip, ready for the most demanding expeditions. Or, visit the Amazon and float over exotic jungles with one-of-a-kind flora and fauna. 


With this cruise, you enjoy nature and adventure like never before by sailing places that only a few have the fortune to see. 


Cruise on a yacht:

who says cruises cannot be romantic and private experiences? The Cruise on a yacht we provide is the ideal voyage that go with their partners or loved one and desire a more intimate trip. 


With this plan, you get a private boat to seal from the Caribbean and Mediterranean Seas to the amazing Mexican Gulf and Yucatan Peninsula, along with other amazing destinations. 


Interested in cruising waterways like the France canal o any other in Europe? This is a great option if you are traveling with that significant other. Excel Tours USA will take care of everything for you to enjoy an unforgettable sailing trip. 


expedition cruises
expedition cruising
Cruise on a yacht

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