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Feeling adventurous? Get ready for the trip of a life time. One where you will actually see the wonders of the world by taking an active approach, as the only way of knowing exotic lands. 

At Excel Tours USA in McAllen, TX we can help you putting an active and adventurous travel plan together. So, you and your friends and family can be able to explore beautiful trails with incredible wildlife and flora. Enhance your physical condition with an active approach when traveling.

Explore the world in your next trip with an adventurous and daring approach

Whether you are thinking of a safari with wild elephants and rhinos, climbing a mountain or going on an expedition to explore faraway lands, expert travel consultants have your back. 

That is what all of our active and adventure travel planning is all about. Get ready for adventure and forget about lying down in a hotel room. With this approach, we will make sure of taking you to the most incredible and – hard to reach, in many cases – beautiful places to see.

At the same time, you will put your adventurer and explorer suit, enjoying from safaris and walks to run long road on a bicycle, complete expeditions and live the most amazing adventure. There is always an amazing price at the end of the road. 

Excel Tours USA make it happen thanks to experienced and travel experts, who know exactly the location in each destination that meet with such adventurous requirement and description.

As result, this means you do not have to worry about anything. Leave the logistics to us and think about enjoying the view and road, while we guarantee a custom itinerary with preferred road style and activity level. This of course without forgetting about comfortable amenities and transport.

Get ready for the next adventure, excursion and expedition while traveling

In order to get that body moving and that heart pumping, we offer different activity styles and trips that go with the selected destination and purpose of the trip. Some of them are:


With the wildlife approach, you embark on a safari journey where you get to see wild and exotic animals quite closely. From elephants to lions, rhinos and anything in between, you will be able to see them. 

Safaris are not only in Africa, America has its own like Canada´s Bear Spirit and the Lion Country Safari in Florida. 

Active Travel and Remote Adventure: Enjoy running incredible and not very traveled roads by walk or on bicycles.  Enjoy the ride with an active trip that will make you move, whether you go to the Kilimanjaro or Swiss Mountains. 

Now, for those real adventurers who want to experience faraway lands, remote adventure is the way to go. Excel Tours USA will find the perfect destination with a challenge to complete and even get. 

The world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page.

– San Agustín

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These are your vacations, your adventures and your experiences! We know it at Excel Tours McAllen and, because that, we set all the world’s destinations at your fingertips!

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